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Contact Faculty & Staff

To reach a faculty or staff member via phone, dial (631) 325-0203 followed by his or her telephone extension.  Before sending an eMail, please review our "eMail Guidelines for Teacher and Parent Communication." To visit a faculty or staff member's website, please visit our eBoard Directory.

Name Title  Ext. eMail
Achilich, Jan Special Education Director 134
Albert, Eric 5th Grade Teacher 130
Alvarado, Allison 1st Grade Teacher 106
Amilov, Kristina Spanish & Academic Intervention Services (AIS) 104
Andreoli, Dana Academic Intervention Services (AIS) 113
Andria, Laureen Library Media Specialist,
Gifted Education, Website Administrator
Bishop, Maureen 6th Grade Teacher 129
Blowes, Noel Special Education Teacher 104
Bookamer, Kelly Special Education Teacher 107
Buckley, Samantha 2nd Grade Teacher Assistant 119
Castello, Brooke Kindergarten Teacher Assistant 107
Chornoma, Kelly 5th Grade Teacher 117
Cilento, Tricia ESL & Language Arts 113
Dasaro, Karen 6th Grade Special Education 129
Davis, Tracy Physical Education & Health Teacher 126
Ferone, Colleen Psychologist 135
Gavencak, Melissa Special Education Secretary 138
Henninger, Suzann 2nd Grade Teacher 119
Hudson, Chris 3rd Grade Teacher 118
Johnson, Debbie Kindergarten Teacher 108
Klapproth, Linus Network and Systems Specialist 127
Kuroski, Jean Registered Nurse 112
LaCorte, Janeen 3rd Grade Special Education 118
Lanzarone, Nicole Special Education Teacher Assistant 104
Martel, Debbie School Secretary / Treasurer 101
Martin, Toni Special Education Teacher 104
Masera, Ronald Superintendent/Principal 101
Massey, Brian Art Teacher & AIS 133
McCafferty, Emily Speech Pathologist 136
Metz, Susan Special Education Teacher Assistant 107
Michaels, Andrea 4th Grade Teacher 120
Napolitano, Guy Physical Education & Health Teacher 126
Patsos, Christine Technology Teacher & Math Unlimited 131
Peck, Rick 1st Grade Teacher Assistant 106
Petrolito, Brenda Business Official / District Clerk 103
Quigg, Michelle Music Teacher 132
Radcliffe, Elizabeth Kindergarten & 5A Teacher Assistant 129
Reed, Jaime Business Office 203
Senn, Lisa School Cook Manager 122
Senn, Ron Chief Custodian - Building & Grounds 110
Simone, Christine 5C Special Education Teacher 104
Sprague, Judy Reading & Math Special Education Teacher 137
Tucker, Chris 2nd Grade Teacher Assistant 107
Yervasi, Marie 4th Grade Teacher Assistant 128
Zavesky, Rachele 3rd Grade Special Education Teacher 119